History of the Village

This page is to provide a link to various articles about the history of the Village and the inhabitants of High Halstow

Cricket Club

Memorial Hall

Road Names

Memories From The Past

Boyhood Memories of High Halstow – Mark Owen February 2012

Smuggler’s Britain – November 2011

A Piece Of Village History – Malcolm Coomber October 2011

“The War Years” – February 2011

There are no “Frogs” – February 2011

Town Hill – February 2011

“Old Forge House” – February 2011

“Muddies” – February 2011

Memories of Mr Plewis – February 2011

Ghost’s in High Halstow – David Stephenson November 2007

Was High Halstow The Inspiration – Harry Hillier June 2007

Supersonic Air Crash Death of a Swallow – David Stephenson 2006

Charles Dickens and Great Expectations

Killed – Answering the Call of Duty…